Complex construction and the use of high-quality materials go hand in hand in the production of our Goodyear welted shoes, giving them the durability and longevity you expect from quality footwear.

Keeping their shape

The joy of Goodyear welted shoes is their perfect fit. If properly made to measure they will never “lose their shape”.

Easy to repair

As the outer sole is attached to the shoe itself only by the sole stiching, Goodyear welted shoes are easy to repair. The outer sole can be replaced without compromising the shoe’s other carefully-crafted features.

Cork filling

Goodyear welted shoes have a cork filling directly underneath the insole, which, when it becomes warm, adapts to the wearer’s anatomical footprint – thus each shoe is completely individual.

Feel-good comfort

By using high-quality leather which is moisture-permeable and, in particular, insoles which are able to retain moisture, properly treated Goodyear welted shoes stay dry and pleasant to wear.

Caring for your shoes

It is often the case that investing in a pair of Goodyear welted shoes will motivate the wearer to take special care of their new bespoke footwear. In fact, to benefit from all the special features of your shoes, good care is essential. Go to the KNOW-HOW section in the SERVICES menu for important advice on looking after your shoes.