Essential to keeping your feet healthy and getting the best wear out of your shoes is a perfect fit. Very few consumers are able to find exactly the right shoes for them in conventional shoe shops. No allowance is made for the individual characteristics of the human foot and this important data is completely ignored. This is not the case with LE MAJORDOME‘s innovative, custom-made products.


Once careful measurements have been taken and stored in the L-MD last database, ordering your L-MD shoes online is easy. No stressful shopping, no limited availability, no poor advice – ever again!

Elegance & durability

Well looked-after bespoke shoes always make an impression and are a pleasure to wear every day. L-MD shoes are an investment in your day-to-day well-being and will provide you with reliability and comfort for many years to come.

Price & performance

LE MAJORDOME’s efficient, customer-oriented production cycle means that we can offer you our products at a price which cannot be matched on the market. So why not take advantage of that fact and treat yourself?

Complementary items

Our COMPLEMENTS menu also offers a selection of products which perfectly complement your L-MD shoes. Choose from a range of items, including perfectly fitting shoe trees, shoecare products or maybe a belt in the same leather as your favourite pair of shoes.



Go online to organise a personal RENDEZ-VOUS at our current L-MD location. You should allow around half an hour for this first appointment.


We will take your measurements on the premises using a foot scanner. You will then be fitted with a sample shoe based on this information which will allow you to gauge comfort and fit. Once we are satisfied, your data will be stored in our L-MD last database.


Now you can set about creating your own individual pair of shoes by choosing the exact style you want, the shape of the toe, the leather to be used and the structure of the soles.


We use traditional shoemaking skills and methods to produce your pair to fit your own individual measurements and deliver them to your home in 8-10 weeks. See our FAQ for further information on our delivery terms.


From now on it is easy to go online and order any of the shoes in our collection. You are now officially your very own shoemaker!